why do people say epoxy lining is bad for plumbing

Epoxy sewer line replacement/repair technology has created an alternative to Trenchless sewer drain replacement which will make your existing sewer piping better than when it was new! Epoxy lining is where a pipe is created "within the existing pipe" using a two part blend of epoxy resins to create the structural strength of a new ABS sewer line without damaging floors, hardscape.Before your plumbing pipes are lined, a plumbing pipe assessment. lining some pipes and completely replacing the pipes that cannot be lined. MYTH: It is impossible to tell how well the epoxy pipe liner adhered to the host. The Real Truth Behind These 4 Misleading 'Bad' Reviews of Epoxy Pipe Lining.Despite some people raising questions about whether using a chemical compound in your water system is a safe technique, fixing a leak with epoxy pipes or putty remains a safe and viable solution. The PPRC noted that scientists have discovered no widespread health problems due to any epoxy-lining in pipes.Instead of removing them, an epoxy liner is inserted in the pipe and left to cure or an epoxy coating is blown through the pipe to seal pinhole leaks and restore function, which means that by choosing trenchless pipe lining, you are finding an eco-friendly plumbing solution for your water pipes.Epoxy pipe lining is often viewed as an alternative to replacing the old piping with a completely new system. In theory, the lining process involves coating the inside of the pipes with an epoxy resin to seal off pinholes and corrosion, creating a lasting solution to solving your pipe problems. That’s the theory.Improperly applied epoxy can fail to fix your plumbing problems or even make them worse, so having the right plumbing contractor is of the utmost importance. If you’re looking for epoxy pipe lining Chicago can be a confusing place to find a contractor, since the market can be a bit saturated.In your quest to find a durable pipe repair method, you may have come across some common epoxy pipe lining reviews that have discouraged you from the process.Here are the four most common epoxy pipe lining reviews we have come across, why they happen and then an explanation of how Nu Flow Midwest in Chicago addresses these reviews through our attention to detail during the coating process.

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